Gasoline Mini Petrol Tiller for your garden

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The machine is designed for digging over beds and fields. EU V certified air-cooled Panda gasoline engine. Four- stroke engine allows you to easily plow with just a gentle support without having to push forward. The petrol tiller can operate continuously without stalling while ensuring sufficient oil supply. It will ensure smooth work progress and improve efficiency.

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Gasoline Mini Petrol Tiller for your garden

● Powered by air cooled gasoline engine

● Quick start

● High power and low fuel consumption

● Compact structure, small size, light weight

● Easy height adjustment of the long handle

● Flexible and easy transport outside the vicinity of where you are working

● High-grade steel blades

● 200mm tilling depth

● 320mm and 360mm width

● Durability Gear box design

What sets this petrol tiller apart is its efficient four-stroke engine, which plows easily with just a gentle hold and no need to push hard forward. With this innovative feature, you can now say goodbye to the fatigue and strain of conventional tillage machines. Meet a more enjoyable and comfortable gardening experience.

One of the main advantages of our Petrol Tiller is its ability to run continuously without stalling while ensuring an adequate supply of gasoline. This means you can easily complete your gardening tasks without any interruptions, ensuring that work runs smoothly and seamlessly. No more wasting valuable time restarting machines or worrying about running out of oil.

In addition, this petrol tiller has been engineered for increased efficiency. Its powerful engine and well-engineered structure allow you to cover more ground in less time, maximizing your productivity and allowing you to tackle larger gardening projects with ease. Now you can effortlessly turn your garden into a beautiful oasis.

Our Mini Petrol Tiller not only offer great features, but they also prioritize your safety. With EURO V/GS/CE/EMC certifications, you can rest assured that this machine meets the highest safety standards. We understand the importance of your health while working in the garden and we have taken every step to ensure our tiller provide a safe gardening experience.

Product Parameter

Air cooled four-stroke gasoline open frame inverter generator-2 (1) Gasoline Mini Petrol Tiller for your garden 02 (1) Gasoline Mini Petrol Tiller for your garden 02 (2)
Model No. PD2236-1 PD2260-1
Feature Bore x Stroke(mm):61x48 Bore x Stroke(mm):61x48
Single cylincler, air cooled, four-storke, OHV Single cylincler, air cooled, four-storke, OHV
Engine model:PD1P61FE Engine model:PD1P61FE
Fuel tank capacity(L):2 Fuel tank capacity(L):2
Oil capacity(L):0.5 Oil capacity(L):0.5
Recoil pull start Recoil pull start
Gear Shifting:no Gear Shifting:no
Driving type:Belt drive Driving type:Belt drive
Tilling Depth(mm):200 Tilling Depth(mm):200
Tilling Width(mm):360 Tilling Width(mm):600
Displacement (cc):140 Displacement (cc):140
No.of knives:4pcs No.of knives:6pcs
Foldable front wheel Foldable front wheel
Certificates GS/CE/EMC/Noise/EURO V GS/CE/EMC/Noise/EURO V

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