General Motors of the United States conducted a factory inspection and evaluation of our factory

Panda recently ushered in the factory inspection team from General Motors (hereinafter referred to as GM). As one of the world's leading automakers, General Motors comes to factories for assessments to ensure that we as a supplier can meet their quality, environmental and social responsibility standards. The purpose of the GM factory inspection is to verify whether our production process and product quality meet its requirements, and to evaluate our environmental protection measures and employees' labor rights. Their professional team has a comprehensive understanding of our production equipment and processes as well as the working conditions of our employees through detailed on-site inspections and data verification.

In order to pass this assessment smoothly, we have carried out strict preparations in advance, sorting out the necessary certificates and documents, as well as materials related to product quality, labor rights, and the environment. In addition, we actively communicate with GM's supply chain management team to understand and study their factory inspection standards to ensure that we can fully meet GM's requirements. Throughout the inspection process, the GM inspection team carefully inspected and evaluated our factory equipment and production lines, and reviewed production records and employee payroll records. They also communicated with employees to understand how seriously we take employee welfare and labor rights. At the same time, we also carefully review our environmental protection policies and measures to ensure our environmental protection compliance.

After two days of investigation and evaluation, our factory successfully passed the factory inspection and evaluation of General Motors. General Motors highly recognized our overall performance and praised our emphasis and efforts on product quality, labor rights and environmental protection. Through this factory inspection, we have been affirmed by General Motors and also demonstrated our unremitting pursuit of quality, environment and labor rights as a supplier. We will continue to be committed to improving product quality, protecting the environment, paying attention to employee welfare, maintaining close cooperation with GM, and achieving greater achievements in future cooperation.

Post time: Apr-25-2023