30KW-60HZ Triple Fuel: NG/LPG/Gasoline Generator

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The dual-fuel silent generator is a versatile power generation machine that operates on both gasoline and gas fuels. It is designed to provide efficient and reliable power supply while maintaining minimal noise levels.

This generator features a robust and durable construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Its dual-fuel capability allows users to switch between gasoline and gas fuels according to their preference or availability. The seamless transition between fuel types ensures continuous power supply without interruptions.

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Product Introduction

The silent design of the generator incorporates advanced noise reduction features to minimize operational noise, making it suitable for various applications where noise levels need to be controlled. The generator is equipped with soundproof materials and innovative noise reduction technologies, ensuring a quiet operation.

The energy conversion process in this generator is highly efficient, optimizing fuel consumption and reducing operational costs. It effectively converts the energy stored in oil or gas fuels into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy by the generator.

Furthermore, this generator complies with environmental regulations, producing lower emissions and reducing its environmental impact. It is designed to be environmentally friendly, helping to preserve air quality and promote sustainability.

In summary, Panda dual-fuel silent generator is a reliable and versatile solution for power generation needs. With its ability to operate on both oil and gas fuels, minimal noise output, and compliance with environmental standards, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings

Product Features

30KW-60HZ Triple Fuel (2)

●Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller

●Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch

●Tri-fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas & Gasoline

●High-end Liquid-Cooled Engine: Liquid Cooled Engines are Longer-lasting&continuous duty (24h Operation) with true prime power. Standard Air-Cooled Engines are not as long-lasting or efficient as Liquid Cooled Engines.

● Auto/Manual/Shutdown

● Mains Voltage Detection

● Alternator Voltage Detection

● Low Oil Protection

● Over Frequency Protection

● Low-Frequency Protection

30KW-60HZ Triple Fuel (1)

Product Parameter



Rated Power( Gasoline)

32kW  [40kVA]

Rated Power ( LPG)

30kW  [37.5kVA]

Rated Power (NG)

28kW   [35kVA]

Frequency (HZ)


Rated Voltage (V)

120/240  [120/208]

Rated Current(Gasoline)

133.3  [111.1]

Rated Current(LPG)

125  [104.2]

Rated Current(NG)

116.7 [97.2]

Engine/Alternator RPM(rpm)


Displacement (cc)


Cooling System

Liquid cooling

Protection Level

IP 23

Noise at Normal Speed,7M


Gasoline Consumption 100% Load


LPG Consumption 100% Load


NG Consumption 100% load


Unit Dimension (L×W×H)  mm


Net Weight ( kg)


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