20kw-60Hz Home Standby GAS Generator

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Panda water-cooled and silent natural gas generator is an efficient and noise-reducing power generation device that utilizes natural gas as its primary fuel source.

This advanced generator is equipped with a specialized water cooling system that helps maintain optimal operating temperatures for enhanced performance and longevity. The water cooling system effectively dissipates heat, ensuring the efficient functioning of the generator even during prolonged operation.

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Moreover, the silent design of the generator reduces noise emissions, making it an ideal choice for environments where low noise levels are required. The generator is equipped with soundproof materials and advanced noise-reducing technologies to minimize operational noise and enhance acoustic comfort.

The natural gas fuel combustion process in this generator is highly efficient, ensuring maximum energy conversion. It efficiently converts the chemical energy of natural gas into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy by the generator. This high level of efficiency helps reduce fuel consumption and operational costs.

In addition, this natural gas generator adheres to stringent environmental standards. Natural gas, as a cleaner fuel, produces lower emissions of harmful gases, contributing to improved air quality and reduced environmental impact.

Overall, the water-cooled and silent natural gas generator is a reliable and environmentally friendly power generation solution. It offers efficient performance, reduced noise levels, and adherence to environmental standards, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential use to commercial and industrial settings.

Product Features


●Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller

●Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch

●Dual Fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas

●High-end Liquid-Cooled Engine: Liquid Cooled Engines are Longer-lasting&continuous duty (24h Operation) with true prime power. Standard Air-Cooled Engines are not as long-lasting or efficient as Liquid Cooled Engines.

● Generation EPA approved Natural Gas Engine to give you years of worry-free service while having minimal impact on the environment.

● Auto/Manual/Shutdown

● Mains Voltage Detection

● Alternator Voltage Detection

● Low Oil Protection

● Over Frequency Protection

● Low-Frequency Protection


Product Parameter

Fuel Type LPG/NG
Rated Powered(LPG) 20kW [25kVA]
Rated Powered(NG) 18kW [22.5kVA]
Frequency (HZ) 120/240 [120/208]
Rated Voltage (V) 120/240 [120/208]
Rated Current(LPG) 83.3 [69.4]
Rated Current(NG) 75 [62.5]
Engine/Alternator RPM(rpm) 3600
Engine Part # 465QR
Displacement (cc) 998 
Cooling System Liquid Cooling 
Warranty Limited 5 years
Protection Level IP 23
Noise at Normal Speed,7M  72dB(A)
LPG Consumption 100%LOAD    134 ft3/hr
NG Consumption 100%LOAD     370 ft3/hr
Unit Dimension (L×W×H) mm 1360×800×965
Net Weight ( kg) 345

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